Thierry de Maigret: sale of antique frames in Paris, 19 January 2023

This auction will be held by Thierry de Maigret at the Hôtel Drouot at 11.00 local time on Thursday 19 January. It includes a variety of frames – some fine examples, priced correspondingly, and some more reasonable, workaday frames and multiple lots; see the entire catalogue online here.

Lot 61: French Barbizon frame, carved giltwood and finely moulded plaster, with centred imbricated garland of bay leaves on the top edge; acanthus leaf scotia; beading; rais-de coeur; 19th century; label of Wandenberg Frères, Parisian gilders; 53.5 x 61 cm.; estimate: €300-400

Lot 97: Artist’s frame in carved oak, with convex top edge and slightly concave canted field back to sight; 1930s; 41 x 66 cm.; estimate: €300-350

Lot 108: Finely moulded giltwood print or drawing frame; oak, 18th century, with stamp of Infroit, containing engraving after Van Loo, with original glazing; 48.5 x 36.5 cm.; estimate: €600-800

Lot 122: NeoClassical giltwood and plaster frame, with enriched acanthus scotia; beading; and rais-de-coeur at sight edge;  French, last quarter 18th century; 31 x 23 cm.: estimate: €600-800

Lot 124: Louis XIII carved limewood garland frame, bolection profile; with leaf tip at back edge; running husk ornament; garland of bay leaf-&-berries at sight edge, centred with rosettes, with bound corners; parcel gilt with ornament stained and polished; 30 x 23 cm.; estimate: €800-1,000

Lot 127: 17th century bolection frame veneered in ebony; described as Venetian (or possibly Neapolitan or north of the Alps); ripple moulding at back edge; wave moulding; ripple moulding and wave moulding at top/sight edge; 42 x 34 cm.; estimate: €2,800-3,500

Lot 128: probably 19th century; European frame in emulation of 17th century Baroque Italian inlaid pietre dure frames; with interrupted ripple moulding at back edge; ivory stringing outlining panels of tortoiseshell; cabochon stones at corners; carved profiles in bone; ripple moulding at sight edge; 22 x 19 cm.; estimate: €600-800

Lot 133: 17th century slender Baroque garland frame with bolection profile, described as Bolognese; with acanthus leaf ogee at back edge; bound and centred garland of imbricated bay leaves at top/ sight edge; 72 x 96 cm.; estimate: €2,000-2,500

Lot 135: 17th century reverse Baroque Italian carved giltwood frame, described as Bolognese; with cable back edge; frieze with S-scrolling palm branches, tied at centres and with leaf buds, holding sunflowers and roses; garland of tulip flowers, centred with rosettes and with leaf corners, on the top edge; leaf tip sight edge; 69 x 52 cm.; €6,000-8,000

Lot 181: 17th century Netherlandish cabinetmaker’s frame veneered with burr walnut; 71.5 x 49.5 cm.; estimate: €800-900

Lot 223: 16th-17th century Italian architrave frame; the frieze faced with gesso, recut with cross-hatching; originally finished with metal leaf; 78 x 112.5 cm.; estimate: €1,000-1,200

Lot 225: 18th century Baroque Roman carved giltwood ‘Salvator Rosa’ frame; with enriched egg-&-dart at the back edge; ribbon-&-stave; acanthus-&-shield at the sight edge; 82 x 62 cm.; estimate: €1,600-2,000

Lot 241: German or Middle European flamboyant Rococo frame; late 18th or 19th century; with asymmetric piered foliate and rocaille corners and centres; with leaf tip back edge; bound fasces; recut panels on the frieze, with trailing rinceaux; leaf tip sight edge and shaped contour; cut down at some point; 117 x 96.5 cm., estimate: €500-800

Lot 242: 18th century Spanish carved giltwood frame, with fluted back edge; corners with applied carved flower baskets, and centres with posies tied with ribbons, on a sanded frieze; astragal-&-double bead at sight edge; 118 x 89 cm.; estimate: €1,500-3,000

Lot 307: pair of 18th century French NeoClassical carved giltwood print or drawing frames; oak; one with the stamp of Pepin; 40 x 32 cm; estimate: €400-600

Lot 334: late Louis XIII carved oak bolection panel frame; with trailing rinceaux, sunflowers, florets and roses at the corners, shaped reposes; acanthus leaf tip sight edge; stained and polished; 70.5 x 58 cm.; estimate: €500-700

There is also a sale of frames by EVE on Friday 20th January 2023, at Hôtel Drouot , 9 rue Drouot 75009 Paris.