The Frame Blog is a specialist online magazine devoted to the study of antique picture frames; it is now in a research partnership with the National Gallery, London.

It publishes essays on frames of all eras and nationalities, as well as interviews with people of interest in the world of historic frames, and reviews of related exhibitions, books and catalogues. It is a magazine for everyone who is interested in antique picture frames – their designers and makers, their history, their conservation, how they fit into museums and collections, and as aesthetic objects in themselves.

Contributors include curators and conservators from major museums, as well as art historians and authors with an interest in the field.

The Frame Blog was started in August 2012, and is run and edited by a picture frame historian, Lynn Roberts. Lynn has worked as archivist, researcher and author at Paul Mitchell Ltd., for the frame section of the National Portrait Gallery website, and at the National Gallery.

The Frame Blog acknowledges with gratitude the support of its sponsors, who wish to remain anonymous.

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