Thierry de Maigret: sale of antique frames in Paris, 24 February 2022

by The Frame Blog

Cover Lot 193

This auction will be held by Thierry de Maigret at the Hôtel Drouot at 13.30 local time on Thursday 24 February. It includes a variety of frames – some fine examples, priced correspondingly, and some more reasonable, workaday frames and multiple lots; see the entire catalogue online here.

Lot 39

Lot 39: Carved giltwood bolection frame, the torus at the sight edge with a garland of bunched bay leaves centred with sunflowers with bound corners on a hazzled ground; second quarter 17th century, 66 x 53 cm., north Italian, with restorations, estimate: €1500-1800
Lot 40

Lot 40: Carved and gilded limewood frame, with a garland of bunched bay leaves on the top edge, depending from a foliate clasp at top centre and following the contour of the frame to meet bottom centre (note that this frame is shown upside-down in the catalogue online), with acanthus leaf corners; with shallow relief S-scrolls on the frieze on a textured ground; astragal with beading at the sight edge; mid-17th century, 57 x 72 cm., southern French, with restorations, estimate: €1800-2000

Lot 41

Lot 41: Carved giltwood Baroque convex frame, decorated with the vestiges of engraved foliate ornament on the top edge; 18th century, 61.5 x 70 cm., Italian, estimate: €500-700

Lot 62

Lot 62: Carved and gilded NeoClassical oak frame, with egg-&-dart and acanthus corners below the top edge; beading; rais-de-coeur at the sight edge; last third 18th century, 80 x 63 cm., French Louis XVI, estimate: €2000-2500

Lot 78

Lot 78: Architrave cabinetmaker’s frame with reverse profile, ebonized finish; 17th or 18th century, 69 x 59 cm., Netherlandish, antique hanger, estimate: €1200-1400

Lot 80

Lot 80: Bolection frame with wave ornament, and interrupted ripple ornament at the sight edge, ebonized finish; 17th century, 96 x 73 cm., possibly Neapolitan or Spanish, antique hanger, estimate: €1400-1800

Lot 107

Lot 107: Reverse profile Baroque cassetta, originally silvered and now painted dark green; late 17th or early 18th century, 33.5 x 42 cm., Spanish or Italian, antique hanger, estimate: €900-1000

Lot 120

Lot 120: Reverse profile Baroque octagonal frame, with centred bunched bay leaves at the sight edge; parcel-gilt and overpainted with a later wood-grain finish; late 17th or early 18th century, overall measurements: 102 x 86 cm., Italian, estimate: €300-350

Lot 131

Lot 131: Carved giltwood Rococo cassetta with prominent pierced and scrolling pediment fringed with rocailles, the upper scrolls with diapering beneath, supporting a pierced trefoil, the scrolls picked out with punched contours; with carved  pendant foliate and sunflower drops; with a diapered band above the upper moulding of the cassetta; the frieze of the latter decorated with punchwork; 18th century, 29 x 24 cm., Venetian, estimate: €700-800

Lot 172

Lot 172: A pair of NeoClassical oval carved and gilded oak frames, with rais-de-coeur below the top edge; the frontons with pierced bows of pleated ribbon depending from trompe l’oeil nailheads; 57 x 47 cm. and 57 x 46 cm., estimate: €1500-1800

Lot 176

Lot 176: Carved giltwood and polychrome NeoGothic aedicular frame, with panels of pierced gothicizing ornament on a red ground; 19th century, 78 x 58 cm., estimate: €1800-2500

Lot 178

Lot 178: Carved and gilded limewood reverse profile Mannerist frame, with ovolo chain at the back edge; band of strigillation; centred garland of imbricated foliage and flowers; frieze with cross-cut acanthus-&-leaf bud; with raked fluting on a bird’s beak moulding at the side edge; 17th century, 88 x 125 cm., Italian, with restorations, estimate: €6000-8000

Lot 182

Lot 182: Carved and gilded limewood garland frame, with leaf back edge, torus at top edge with centred ribbon-bound garland of fruit and foliage with acanthus corners; astragal and beading; leaf-&-dart at sight edge; late 16th-17th century, 73 x 61 cm., possibly Netherlandish or Spanish, with restorations, estimate: €1800-2500

Lot 185 Lot 185: Carved giltwood NeoClassical revival torus frame, reeded and clasped with spiral leaves, with acanthus leaves in the corners, with shaped cut-out leaf sight edge; 19th century, 128 x 150.5 cm., French or possibly Spanish, estimate: €600-800

Lot 193

Lot 193: Carved Baroque garland frame with acanthus leaf back edge, the torus at the top edge carved with a garland of naturalistic roses, violets, carnations, pinks and leaves, with acanthus leaf corners, with astragal-&-triple bead at the sight edge; stained and polished, 17th century, 34 x 44 cm., French or north Italian; possibly Netherlandish, estimate: €2000-2500

Lot 204Lot 204: Carved parcel-gilt and ebonized reverse profile frame, with wave moulding at the back edge, frieze with ripple moulding, wave moulding at the top edge; fluted and ripple moulding at the sight edge; 17th century, 36 x 30 cm., Netherlandish or Spanish, estimate: €800-900

Lot 209

Lot 209: Baroque revival ogee moulding frame with exaggerated entablature; finished in silverleaf, 19th century, 57 x 39 cm., Italian, possibly Roman, estimate: €400-600


Catalogue online: Thierry de Maigret: Antique frames